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Ordinary Event Team building 2020

TB 2020 X Antibody

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Team building 2020 X Antibody 

The program was created to bring solutions to businesses in the time when Corona virus affects enterprises globally. Team building 2020 X Antibody is built in accordance with the trend of team building 2020 when: Concerned about anxiety, stagnant work, shaky beliefs - the influence of Corona virus is bringing negative effects to businesses.
Instead of worrying and standing in place, go ahead and leave the difficulties with the companion of the X antibody team X. 1 mechanism of defense and attack to repel negative effects on the enterprise.
Location: Indoor - at the office of the business to ensure safety for the staff.
Duration: Does not last from 60 minutes - 90 minutes
Goals: Reduce stress, change the approach to problems and increase interoperability, and work together to combat Corona virus. The Team building 2020 X Antibody program is built with the following challenges:

Team building 2020
Challenging belief strength: Faith creates enormous power, helping us to overcome the most difficult obstacles. Teammates are a great support in this challenge, trust absolutely in your teammates and enjoy the emotions that challenges bring.
Each member is a solid fulcrum for his teammates to overcome the challenge of leaning backwards.
The challenge for customers: Virus influence disturbs the work and creates invisible "bottlenecks". Implement measures to remove the bottlenecks - to solve problems that arise in the process of running a business through troubleshooting games.
The challenge of boosting the immune system: "Immune" areas are currently located far away from teams. With respect and precision - quickly reset the control of the immune area to avoid spread.  Optimization challenge: To bring a "healthy" state of the business need to optimize and promote all available potentials. Use the amount of material delivered to build the tallest tower possible.

Challenge for team
The challenge to return to the track: Together back to the "fierce" race with firmness and high will.
The members created a system of transporting the balls and together flipped open the message of the program with the achievement of accumulation.
Many famous foreign companies in Vietnam became the main partners of Hanoi ETV such as: Puma energy, Addon Development, Vestergaard Frandesen, AkzoNobel, Prentow Vietnam… or many famous brands in the same manner with Techcombank, K+, FPT soft, Gerber Sientific Internation, and Vietnam airline…. More infor Click