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Ordinary Event Team building 2020

Team building 2020 – Team building program “Amazing Inner Strengths”

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Teambuilding Code: Teambuilding code: GS_04061

Team building 2020 – Team building program “Amazing Inner Strengths”

Teambuilding code: GS_04061
“A journey of thousands of miles begins with the first step. We do not need to wait to be extraordinary to do the impossible things. ”
Welcome all of you to join the biggest teambuilding program in 2020 with an unremarkable number of participants of 95 millions "Amazing Inner Strengths – Cope with Covid 19"
In the year of 2020, when the coronavirus /Covid-19 became the hottest keyword on all search engines. This disease spreads everywhere, which could influence many people not only on their financial situations but also on their health’s. Everyone needs to have a great power to be able to prevent as well as treat the disease. This will belong to all many people and of course, we need to cooperate together with the aim of accomplishing this goal.

Anti-epidemic action launched in Vietnam amid Covid-19 outbreak

Every citizen from the big city to remote rural areas in Vietnam has also toward to the government. We are strictly following the guideline of Vietnamese government 2020 - a year full of changes and difficulties for all businesses, more and more needs the enthusiasm and consensus of all members and management to overcome this difficulty.

Team building program in Ha Long Bay 2019

Understanding that, we designed a special team building program in 2020 “Amazing Inner Strengths”.

This is the medicine for businesses after the Covid epidemic/pandemic has passed.
Dear members of the staff, you have been great to overcome the disease with many obstacles, please keep this spirit to overcome a difficult way ahead. - Dare to change - get rid of old habits - not suitable to build a more complete and professional organization
- Dare to believe - believe in the decisions of the leadership in efforts to sort out businesses problems after the epidemic season
- Dare to challenge - set goals and strive to achieve them as perfectly as possible
- Dare to break through - new and innovative ideas always get the attention of the leaders in our business.

"Amazing Inner Strenths" program 2019
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