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1. The epic story of ETV Hanoi:
After more than 6 years of studying and working in The Russian Democratic Federative Republic, in the year of 2006, a 25 -year-old man came back to Vietnam with a burning desire to start a career with a good prospect. With a high passion, he started to work at tourist sector with a significant position: He started his work at ABC Transportation Company - the biggest company in this industry in that time as a operator. In 2008, with the small sums of money and practical experiences, E-Travel Vietnam was established with three special members operating mainly in tourism service.
After one year, Domestic tourism department (the predecessor of  Hanoi ETV) was established in the context of economic difficulties. The financial crisis and economic recession had a direct impact on the domestic economy of many companies in Vietnam As a result; this is the root cause of the decline of manufacturing activities, businesses and many other areas. Tourism is one of many industries strongly affected. In this circumstance, our leader quickly found out properly problems, enormous challenges and new opportunities for our company to grow in the near future. Basically, with the difficult conditions, many businesses decided to cut costs by reducing welfare funds of their employees. However, others decided to seek suitable ways of improving the work efficiency for all staff through training on teamwork. At that time, the orientation of domestic tourism department has been changed dramatically. We decided to expand the new products thanks to research and development of teambuilding tourism package. Teambuilding tourism is one type of tourism which was introduced into Vietnam since the 90s. However, this type seemed to fade into this context of Vietnam. Almost of the demands of teambuilding tourism increased in the Southern of Vietnam more than in the North, especially in Hanoi. Domestic tourism department had enormous difficulties to contact and communicate with customers in providing our products to market.

Overcome the initial obstacle, Domestic tourism department signed the first contract. Along with the economic recovery and the growing demand of customers, Domestic tourism department - Hanoiteambuilding gradually became the trusted brand for various companies in many industries. From the financial sector such as: Prudential Financial, Insurance Manulife or big banks like Vietinbank, the Bank, VP Bank, SHB, HSBC, Mbbank.. . to various sectors included Health, Education, Fashion, famous cosmetics such  as Vabiotech, Academy of Finance, Ivy Moda, Shiseido, Faceshop ... And many businesses in Media, Technology as Galeolio, VIETNAMOBILE, Abacus, Vnlogistic…
In the year of 2012, Hanoi ETV Media & Travel was established with the most significant domestic department. Promoting the available advantages along with the profitable investments for researching and developing new products, “people” became a central element in the operation. In early 2013, ETV Hanoi launched a new product "Amazing Race" for foreign tourists traveling to Vietnam. Along with the success of this product, superior teambuilding products were aim to resolve the problems of the businesses as well as to promote culture and core values of these. Moreover, the popular package was aim to enhance teamwork, connect all members in groups and allow participants to reduce tension through fun activities. The high-quality and innovative products were designed cleverly to fit into each business, the staff always worked with passionate enthusiasm and many experiences to provide our customers with the best services of teambuilding programs.
The most outstanding illustration for this is that many famous foreign companies in Vietnam became the main partners of Hanoi ETV such as: Puma energy, Addon Development, Vestergaard Frandesen, AkzoNobel, Prentow Vietnam… or many famous brands in the same manner with Techcombank, K+, FPT soft, Gerber Sientific Internation, and Vietnam airline…
Additionally, the support of the parent company (E-Travel Vietnam) and another member specializing in domestic and foreign hotel reservations (Vietnam Hotel JSC), each member of Hanoi ETV’s staff and youth leaders never stoped learning with the effort and enormous enthusiasm. They consistently pursued four core values of the business with an aim to write to the new page of their activities "Connecting people, sharing value”

2. Vision
The central element is people with the creation and enormous efforts; Hanoi ETV intends to become a leading company in teamwork activities and events in Vietnam and many coutries around the Asian areas. ETV Hanoi’s brand is the preferred choice of customers because of high - quality and creativity for each teambuilding program.

3. Mission
- Customers:  Providing quality products and innovation to meet the needs and wants of customers. These products help customers link the mission to the human element in organizations, we high recommend elements of cooperating culture with social messages.
- Staff:  People is central element which plays an important role and the largest contribution to the success of the company. The  Hanoi ETV’s staff could promote their abilities with dynamic environment, creativity, fairness in various opportunities and incomes.
- Society: Sharing value through business and community activities.

4. CoreValues
- Mind:  Hanoi ETV always appreciated and acted on principle. Finest mind in all activities of the enterprise from business production, social relations to internal operations.
- Honesty: Think and act honestly in every relationship with customers, partners, employees.
- Passion: Creativity is considered as vitality, a level for development. Willing to change and accept new challenges. The main aim for each teambuilding program is to connect all members in this company, to build a business strategy and business culture.

Many famous foreign companies in Vietnam became the main partners of Hanoi ETV such as: Puma energy, Addon Development, Vestergaard Frandesen, AkzoNobel, Prentow Vietnam… or many famous brands in the same manner with Techcombank, K+, FPT soft, Gerber Sientific Internation, and Vietnam airline…. More infor Click