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Ordinary Event Team building 2020

Team building 2020 - Teambuilding program: The page of Vietnamese heroic history

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Teambuilding Code: Teambuilding code: AR_04062

Team building 2020 - Teambuilding program: The page of Vietnamese heroic history

Teambuilding code: AR_04062
The spirit of Vietnam - the spirit of a warrior in each Vietnamese people.
The team-building program 2020 promotes the potential strength of team members through epic battles of our nation.
Throughout the 4,000-year history of building and defending of the country, there have been so many earth-shattering wars before the surprise of the federal countries. That is the fierce heroic spirit of a small country but did not knock down with many brutal enemies.
Among those battles, it was impossible not to mention the glorious epic battle with 3 times defeating the Yuan army - the strongest enemy at that time - the Tran Dynasty...
It can be said that "Đông A spirit" is the potential strength of our country to gain independence at that time.

One of the most fascinating challenge of the team program "Together we shine"

Today, we are once again reliving that brilliant historical period in a team-building program in 2020 - The page of Vietnamese heroic history

A team-building program showing the spirit and essence of the Vietnamese people in the last century
Hanoiteambuilding has brought up a unique team-building scenario that forces the members to manipulate ingenuity and agility, the leadership skills to lead the team through each challenge.
With the method of organizing in the form of secret letters to trace the treasures alternating with battles among all teams at each challenging station.
This team-building program 2020 requires the members practicing their intelligence to resolve the mysterious codes in order to find the clues for the next stages In this program, teamwork ability is not enough; every individual after each challenge will discover outstanding values as well as weaknesses of themselves.

"Be a winner" challenge 

This will becomes the new trend of team building in 2020.

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