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Ordinary Event Team building 2020

Team building program 2020 - Amazing race- The trend movements

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 Team building program 2020 - Amazing race- The trend movements
 The trend movements is not strange to the present time when the "movement" is not only limited to the discovery trip but also far to change in work or accommodation. 

Keeping up with this trend, Hanoi teambuilding has launched special team building 2020 for the "movement"

Team players not only participating members can explore, experience the traditional cultures, literary of the new land but also with their colleagues to overcome the impressive challenges to build teamwork ability.

Amazing race - Amazing race is a team-building program that consists of a series of team challenges combined with the cultural characteristics of each region.

Here, the playing team will have to search for famous local landmarks through the route info received from the organizers. When reaching the required location, the playing team must interact with the local people to perform a task.
A special feature of Amazing Race is that all team members will interact with each other’s in team challenges, they also have to use communication skills, negotiate with local people to get information and gain their own advantages

Team building in Sa Pa

Some locations for the Amazing race program

Due to the specific characteristics of the program associated with local culture, most of the team building 2020 - Amazing race programs must be researched and surveyed in advance before making a specific content. Amazing race scenario will be perfect when we corporate culture combined with the characteristics of the destination (including culture, history, locals ...)...

Some impressive places suitable to organize the Amazing program of businesses listed as:

- Hanoi - team building program - Discover 36 streets in Hanoi
- Sapa - team building program - Ham Rong legend
- Ta Van - team building program - Ta Van code
- There are also other famous landmarks such as Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Ha Giang, Hoi An, Da Nang ....

Team building in Ninh Binh Province
The cost of organizing an Amazing race program is quite diverse: Most of the expense for Amazing race programs focuses on the costs of surveying the destination and using products, or regional specialties. Therefore, it is difficult to set the same price for for amazing race programs as regular team building programs.
Currently, Hanoi teambuilding is providing amazing race program 2020 into three product groups: Basic, Medium and High-end. Depending on the nature and requirements, businesses will be consulted for detailed information for each product package.

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