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Amazing race in Ha Giang - Treasure of His Father

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Teambuilding Code: AR - Ha Giang
Departure: Hà Nội
Place: Hà Giang

Team Building Amazing Race - Treasure of His Father

Team Building Amazing Father's Treasure Race to explore the captivating beauty of Dong Van land together through the journey of tracking down his father to track down the ancient treasures hidden in this his sacred land.
Team Building Amazing race in Ha Giang - Treasure of His Father
Ha Giang is an endpoint province of our Northeast region. The main population of Ha Giang is the ethnic minorities such as: H'Mong, Thai, La Chi, Lo Lo ... This is a destination with beauty that is both wild and majestic which always attracts tourists especially young people who love traveling and exploring.
The rugged roads in the Ha Giang stone plateau not only challenge those who love to explore, but also fascinate many people by the magnificent and stunning beauty such as: Dong Van rock plateau, Noong lake, Pho Bang, Sung Was...
Detailed scenario of Team building Amazing Race Ha Giang - Treasure of His Father
• Duration: Usually for Amazing Race tour programs will last from 3 to 8 hours depending on many factors such as the characteristics of the players participating in the program, the weather, the time of the organization. ...
• Team size: With the team builiding Amazing Race - Father's Treasure scenario, the number of players that can be organized is from 20 to 100 people, divided into teams, each team on average from 8-15 people. .
• Location: Ha Giang.
• Purpose of organization: to visit and experience, explore the regional cultures and the cohesive environment for the participants.

Ha Giang province - Team building

Team building Amazing Race Ha Giang - A Treasure for His Father

Teams will participate in the journey to hunt for the ancient treasure of his father. They have to follow the codes and instructions concealed and hidden in the unique cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities in the mysterious Ha Giang land. To make it easier to learn and discover legends, each member of the team will have to dress up - immersive into the children of the Mong people with colorful costumes. The teams will receive clues that will guide teams to the next location or request for a road block. The challenges are close to the famous landmarks of the majestic Ha Giang land.
• Cultural Code: The mysterious characters, the strange shapes that bring with it the mystery of the treasure of the H’Mong people. When you have the code in hand, use your thinking and logic to find out the law of the code. Answers are the instructions to help your team continue on this journey.
• Mystery of the Vuong Family: There are many vestiges related to the mysterious treasure. Go through the challenge of the referee, look for the code and decode them for the next instruction • Non-Gam River: Our fathers poured so much blood and blood to protect every land of our country, we must always try to make sure that we have the strength to protect our country. Let's overcome the referee's power challenge at Lung Cu Flag Pole to get the next instruction of the journey.
• Happiness Road: With rugged terrain and majestic pristine landscape, Ma Pi Leng pass is one of the "four great mountain peaks" of northwestern Vietnam (together with Pha Din pass and O mountain pass). Quy Ho and the Khau Pha pass).
• Treasure of Father: Dong Van ancient town - a cultural beauty, that place has created an impressive and unique highlight on the Dong Van - Ha Giang rocky plateau. With the inherent characteristics, the beautiful features in the colorful traditional culture, the architecture of the people of Dong Van ancient town has created an impressive and unique highlight on the area of Geopark - Dong Da Plateau. Literature. This is the last place to hide the treasure, please follow the clues obtained to find out where the treasure is hidden.
Team Building - Father's Treasures, players better understand the cultural values as well as people of the beautiful Ha Giang land.

Discovering Ha Giang province
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