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Team Building Amazing Race - FaiFo's Code

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Teambuilding Code: AR - FaiFo's Code
Departure: Hội An
Place: Hội An
Team Building Amazing Race Scenario - Faifo's Code  is a teambuilding program designed for teams of 8-12 players who must overcome challenges to reach the finish line as soon as possible
Content Team Building in Hoi An - FaiFo's code
The place of organizing team building is Hoi An, a destination that is especially attractive to domestic and foreign visitors because of its elegant beauty and charm, a world-recognized cultural heritage. What are some interesting challenges awaiting teams to play on this journey?

Amazing Race Hội An
Details of the Team building Amazing Race Hoi An -  FaiFo's code
Duration: Usually for Amazing Race tour programs will last from 3 to 8 hours depending on many factors such as the characteristics of the players participating in the program, the weather, the time of the organization. ...
Team size: With the team builiding Amazing Race - FaiFo Code, the number of players that can be organized is from 20 to 100 people, divided into teams, each team on average from 8-15 people.
Location: Hoi An
Purpose of organization: to visit and experience, explore the regional cultures and the cohesive environment for the participants.
When waking up, each team leader will receive an instruction: announcing the time and place of departure. The captain has the duty to rally his team to the waiting vehicle in the hotel lobby.
Journey with many interesting challenges. The challenges in the Team building Hoi An
The challenge of street peddling: An Hoi Bridge, also known as the Carp Bridge. A beautiful bridge, standing on the bridge can look around. Upon arriving in Hoi An, the teams receive a secret letter, looking to the An Hoi Bridge to start taking part in the first challenge of the journey.
The Challenge of Farming: Tra Que has been famous for a long time with more than 20 types of vegetables grown on fertile soil, fertilized with algae taken from the river. In Tra Que vegetable village, teams have to transform into farmers and practice tasks such as hoeing, growing vegetables, watering ... harvesting vegetables.

Challenge of the race
The Challenge of Talented Chef: The typical dishes of Hoi An are always the most unforgettable for visitors to visit. Let's join the talented Chef challenge to discover the interesting secrets of the culinary elite of Hoi An. The Challenge of Bai Choi: Bai Choi is a form of folk art and folk games typical of the ancient ancestors left today in central Vietnam in general and in Quang Nam in particular.
• The Challenge of Remaining Traces: Along with other architectural monuments, the ancient house has contributed to making Hoi An a world cultural heritage - "a living relic". If you ever visit the ancient town of Hoi An, you will surely be caught up in the maze of extremely special old houses here. The ancient houses of Hoi An are the souls of the tastes and create ancient lifestyles.
• Pottery challenge: Located 3 km west of Hoi An, in the 16th and 17th centuries, Thanh Ha was a very prosperous village, famous for ceramic and terracotta items exchanged and sold. throughout the central provinces of Vietnam. End the day with interesting experiences about the famous places and cultural features of Pho Hoi. We believe that with the team building amazing race scenario, FaiFo Code program will have unforgettable memories with his colleagues and friends. 

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