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Some types of team building especially for businesses

Some types of team building especially for businesses

The popular team building arrangements for business such as:

1. Organizing teambuilding sports festival

2. Teambuilding survives, new unique teambuilding trend

3. Business teambuilding and teambuilding ideas for leaders

4. Organization of teambuilding game format

5. Experience in organizing teambuilding in the form of Games stations

6. Experience in organizing
teambuilding amazing race culture

7. How will participants and businesses benefit from the cognitive change Team building package?

Team building program is also organized at the request of the business at special events, according to the characteristics of each business. Let us have a look with Hanoi teambuilding team building in Vietnam on what types of team building activity

Team building in Ba Vi Resort

Firstly, KICK OFF team building program

Kick off teambuilding

This is a form of teambuilding game to launch employees from time to time, separate projects. The content of teambuilding kick off programs regularly follows a thematic content and sticks to the campaign content that the business wants to deploy. In order to have an effective kick off program, the team-building organizer must have a better understanding of the projects and the culture of the business to propose ideas and content for the team-building program. The venue for kick off programs is usually indoor space. The members participating in the kick off session will get both information about the upcoming deployment campaign and the rules of indoor team building games to connect members. The number of participants usually ranges from 50 to a maximum of 200 people is reasonable to achieve high interaction efficiency. With a larger number of players, the effect will not reach the desired level because it is easy to lead to passive listening. With a number of more than 200, businesses can consider other forms of team building activities such as: team building sports events, team building games stations, team building game format...
Team building activities in Vietnam

Secondly, organizing team building on demand of resolving business problems

Team building type Problem solving is designed specifically for content based on specific problems - the problems that your team is facing.

The number of participants, Time, Space and Way of Organization of this teambuilding type will depend entirely on the topic that the client offers. The team building company will be tasked to learn more, communicate more with the Board of Directors as well as the skill trainers to get many lessons, meaningful experiences and values for players. Activities in team building type Problem solving will be completely different from normal teambuilding activities; they are specifically designed and linked together following certain topics. This type of teambuilding emphasizes the outcome and change of players after joining the program. Therefore, to evaluate the success of this type of teambuilding, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate learners for a long time after the program ends.

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