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List of the popular types of team building programs

List of the popular types of team building programs

Team building activities are getting more and more attention from businesses.

With the increase in the number of new businesses established each year, along with the development of global economy and competition in the market. Increasing labor efficiency through personal professional training, as well as improving in communication, work, coordination between employees and many departments in the company to achieve the goals of the company is one of the most important strategies.
Team building activities are getting more and more attention from businesses. On the other hand, helping new employees quickly catch up with the environment and corporate culture as well as increase cohesion between staff and staff, between leadership and staff, team building programs are evaluated and confirmed as an effective way to solve the problem of human resources. However, with various difficulties in the global economic context, the budgetary limitations for training and welfare activities, not all businesses are eligible to turn this into a regular properly invested activity. Honestly, the benefits that team building brings are extremely strong. 90% of small and medium scale businesses in Vietnam is developing with the number of employees less than 50 people so what kind of team building is suitable for this business?

And which teambuilding idea is "good value for this business?". Hanoiteambuilding – a team building company in Vietnam point out quickly the types of team building to know which type of business could choose.

1. Team building form of continuous games:

49% of customers choose teambuilding in form of continuous games. A form of organizing games / challenges in succession. The scoring method of each team will be based on the level of completion of each team on each teambuilding challenge. As a result of the challenge series, the team that wins the most points will become the winner. The number of people is suitable for organizing the game continuously with a wide range from 20 to thousands of players.

Team building activity at moutainous area

2. Team building form of sport event:

Organizing team building sports event for 1001 employees. Sports Festival is a way of organizing teambuilding with traditional sports activities. The main teambuilding challenges of sports events will be built on the sports to convey message Strength - Speed - Skill of the Player.

3. Team building form of "Game station"

This is a form of teambuilding by setting challenges into many separate teambuilding play areas. Enterprises can choose teambuilding play stations by individual form (like camps, fairs) or challenging stations (with manyteams). Teambuilding games stations are usually organized in large spaces (football fields, stadiums ...) For businesses with a staff size of 149 or more, teambuilding game stations is the best choice for you.

4. Team building experiencing “Amazing race of culture” .

This type of team building program is built on the idea of simulating gameshow popular reality on TV: The Amazing race. This is a unique type of Teambuilding that combines games and local culture. The challenges in the race are tied to the customs and culture of the destination. Players will receive secretary letters to find challenging stations. At stations, the team needs to pass the challenge with the referee's confirmation to get directions to the next station. The team that finishes all the challenges to the finishing point first will win. The organization of this type of teambuilding is for small groups of 10 - under 150 people.

5. Team building form of secret letter:

A form of team building that brings players to go to the space and time of the assumed world. The adventures are delayed by signs, instructions codes by characters, or different languages that teams have to find the rules for interpreting the characters. This is the most unique feature. Normally, Teambuilding “ Secret letter – Biggame” is usually held at resorts - ecological areas - national parks ... With the size of the business ranged from 50 -150 people.

6. Team building survival, new unique team building trends

Team building survival ideas are designed to bring special experiences to participants. With the most suitable number of participants from 20 to 50 players. The players are taken to deserted islands, peninsulas, mountainous areas. Team building survival often attracts young people who love to explore and adventure. Players will be transformed / disguised as indigenous people, prehistoric people. With intelligence, endurance and team solidarity, players must overcome survival challenges such as: Finding food and water; Creating residences from choosing safe locations to find construction materials; Or creating fire to cook food, keeping warm

Team building at the beach - Hạ Long Bay

7. Some types of team building for businesses:

These team building programs are tailor-made especially according to the requirements of businesses such as: Business teambuilding, KICK OFF event, Team building to resolve problems, ENTERPRISE ESTABLISHMENT, team building change awareness In addition, team building can also be divided into 2 forms including: Indoor and outdoor Team building. Therefore, when consulting which type of organization is suitable for businesses, Hanoiteambuilding bases on the purpose of each enterprise or the way of organizing team building to propose the appropriate type of team building program

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