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Survival Game in Ba Vi Resort

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Teambuilding Code: TB - Survival Game in Ba Vi Resort
Departure: Hanoi
Place: Hanoi
Welcome your team go to the spooky forest with various challenges and amazing things. Please ignore a modern life and state- of-the-art technology, convenience to join in a unique challenges. All members need to gain a lot of experiences and skills such as: DURABILITY, SURVIVAL SKILLS…After all challenges, each team will touch to the glorious destination.
Survival Game is the best way for each team to improve some skills of each staff such as: problem solving skills, necessary skills... and to experience some amazing skills.

Talent Scout : Passing the stream.

In the challenge, each member of each team needs to use the necessary tools on the road to help your team overcome a stream in the middle forest.

The safety is the most important thing in this challenge.

How does your team resolve this problem?


In the difficulties , teamwork is the most important motivation to help all members complete this challenge.

By some tools of Referee, each team needs to move from the starting point to the finishing point which be instructed in the secretary letter.

Survival skills: Finding foods - Constructing camp.

- How to survive in the middle of forest?

- Finding foods - making a fire - constructing camp - the necessary task to maintain the lives of all members.

The food packages are hidden in the secretary letter. The compass will lead you to seek foods in lunch and rescue your team. Survival game is one of the team building forms which attracts many team players because this form will bring energy as well as the happy moment for each member. Team building event in Ba Vi Resort will become the beautiful way for the participants If you have any question about the team building activity in Ba Vi Resort, you will contact to Hanoi ETV to have more information.


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