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The trend of teambuilding tourism 's development

The trend of teambuilding tourism 's development

Nowadays, with the prevalence of teambuilding tourism as well as the trend of teambuilding’s development in the next 5 years, teambuilding activities could play an important role for the development of businesses in modern society.
In recent years, the phrase "team building activities“  has become no stranger to many businesses and organizations . Average of 10 guests having the needs to organize their  tour, most of them (9 out of 10 guests) have demand to combine the tour program with teambuilding activities.

Teambuilding activities have become an indispensable part of many journeys, tours…The most outstanding illustrations for this can be showed by 3 reasons:

Firstly, traditional tours combine relaxation of various resorts are increasingly becoming boring, monotonic because of lacking connection to the team members as well as considerable appeal. Customers gradually tired with following many stereotyped destination’s attractions and bored with the service at the ecological park or resorts. Furthermore, travelers always expect that these tours could provide customers not only high – quality service sectors but also unique and impressive cohesion to all members of the group.

Secondly, as a leader of business organizations, many directors, CEOs of each company always desire to connect all staff in their organization and build a strong business culture with an aim to improve necessary skills, creativity and logical thinking of each member. Therefore, teambuilding activities are the best effective solutions to develop team, combine practical elements with assessment,  training  and motivation. As a result of this, all members of their company could close together during the trips. Therefore, teambuilding tourism is a perfect choice for businesses in modern life.

Finally, the diversity of places and organizational time has become a prominent advantage of organizing teambuilding activities. If traditional tours are usually segment on each particular period such as: The season of Festival tours (in the first 3 months of a year), summer tours , inbound tourism businesses,… this type of teambuilding activities completely unrestricted in space and time. Hence, many businesses could decide the suitable time and location to organize teambuilding program (resorts, ecological parks, picnic areas, mountainous location…) for the trips combined teambuilding activities to choose the best suitable teambuilding packages of businesses.

Along with that, all reasons for the teambuilding activities could make this type become an expensive service in the tourism industry today. According to preliminary statistics, most travel companies give teambuilding activities in their tour programs. However, the popularity of this type is limited to simple games, fun exercises. Recently, only about 20 teambuilding companies are actually considered as professional providers in these services because of mass investment. Some famous brands of teambuilding activities in the North of Vietnam included: Hanoi teambuilding (ETV), Viet Sea, Van Da Phuc…

If many traditional teambuilding programs such as game show at the beach as well as at the resort (which are ideal locations to attract a large number of customers in the past 3 years since 2014), teambuilding tourism in Vietnam is moving in a new  and more intensive trend.

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