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Teamwork is Crucial to Workplace Success

This article lists 5 ways that teamwork can significantly boost a company's bottom line as well as an overall culture of communication. Traditionally one might say that a successful workplace is one that is humming along with robust sales, active meetings, with an ongoing plethora of presentations, PowerPoints, client calls, and of course, growing revenue. All of that sounds dandy, but the core ingredient behind any (or most) successful companies is teamwork. Without teams, a company will be hard-pressed to produce great results. A number of academic studies have been produced in recent years which prove that teamwork is essential to a healthy work environment, which is more likely to lead to and produce positive results for the bottom line. These papers are referenced below.
Enhanced Communication
Working in an environment with clear and open communication can yield rapidly successful results, no matter the industry. Activities among teams, call it teamwork, involves the active discussing and collaboration of information and ideas, but with many points of view. Team members will all learn from each other, and discover new ways of thinking of aspects of a project, as well as benefits and holes. In terms of how co-workers can effectively communicate, there are indeed tactical strategies to employ. A research paper for Clemson University outlines 4 aspects for proper communication within the prism of teamwork: Focus on the behavior or problem, not on the person. People become defensive when criticized personally. Keep the discussion focused on the task and the issues. Make sure what you say and what you do are the giving the same message. In other words, keep your verbal and nonverbal language on the same page. This limits confusion. Validate others’ contributions. Compliment team members on good ideas and suggestions. This makes them feel a part of the team and encourages future participation. Make sure everyone has a chance to speak.
Increased Competitiveness
Though one might assume that competition can lead to infighting and credit taking and blaming, the opposite is true. Teamwork can rapidly increase competitiveness in the following ways: Improve overall productivity Improve quality of work and subsequently encourage innovation Improve employee motivation and commitment Recognition for improved work Creates Synergy Synergy is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. It’s not a stretch to connect this idea to businesses, and see how they can effectively succeed as a result of great teamwork. Synergy can be felt most when in fact co-workers are not working together. A research paper from Edith Cowan University found significant evidence of a loss of synergy (which resulted in a loss of productivity) after co-workers were split up and told to work on competing tasks: Two team members were highly competitive in this team that negated the development of a synergistic team environment. They were highly focused on our own tasks and were not interested in helping others who may have been having problems. It’s rather clear to see the devastating effect of a lack of synergy toward teamwork. Related Article: Stay Sane in the Fast Lane: How to Deal with Hurdles at Work Teamwork is Crucial By understanding the potential of teamwork and subsequently implementing it, a business can swiftly change both their organizational process as well as their bottom line. Communication, elements of lean structure, emotional support, healthy competition, and synergy are all core elements of teamwork which can put a business on the path to success.
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