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Team Building Activities For Teens: A Complete Guide

Team Building Activities For Teens: A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide To Team Building Activities For Teens We usually associate team building activities with the workplace, as a method of strengthening teamwork and improving work performance. However, team building activities can also be beneficial for other groups. One such group is teens. Whether it’s for a group of students, athletes or teenage members of a club, group games for teenagers are a fun way to help them build relationships with each other and learn new life skills.
You will learn:
How team building activities can benefit teens Types of team building activities suitable for teens Tips for delivering team building games for teens The 10 best team building activities for teens How Team Building Can Benefit Teens The teenage years can be a tumultuous time filled with self-doubt, ‘teen angst’ and the process of self-discovery.

Team building games for teens can be a great way to build self-confidence and develop life skills that can be useful as they mature into young adults. By working with their peers to achieve a goal in a fun, non-classroom setting, teens can learn how to work better with others, improve their communication skills and exercise their creative thinking muscles. The positive experience of completing a group game helps to bolster the self-esteem of teens by giving them an experience of success. Team building can be especially beneficial for ‘difficult’ teens. Whether it’s developing their social skills, providing opportunities for them to cooperate with their peers to accomplish a task or learning how to create connections and build trust, team building games can help teens strengthen their sense of self through positive shared experiences. Types of Team Building Activities Suitable For Teens While team building activities for adults tend to be very results-oriented (that is, focused on creating a learning outcome that contributes to work efficiency), group games for teenagers can take a more casual approach. With teens, an approach that focuses on fun and overcoming challenges can make it easier to elicit their participation in the activity. You may think that designing a programme of fun team building games for teens means that they won’t learn anything. That’s not true! Learning through fun shared experiences can be powerful and have a more lasting impact.

Whether you’re planning activities for high school students, teenage athletes or any other group of teenagers, here are 4 types of team building games that are well-suited for teens:

Teamwork Activities that focus on teamwork help teenagers to develop their social skills. They learn how to communicate their ideas and point of view, and how to cooperate with others to reach a goal. Leadership Team building games that develop leadership qualities allow teens to take ownership of a task and see it through from start to finish.

They learn how to manage resources, listen to input from other team members, and exercise their problem-solving skills. Trust building Team building activities that build trust are great for providing a channel for teenagers to connect with each other. It develops their interpersonal and communication skills. Creative thinking Group games that encourage creative thinking are great fun and perfect for teens. Give your group of teenagers an opportunity to imagine possibilities, execute their ideas and refine those ideas if they don’t work.

Tips for Delivering Team Building Games For Teens When delivering team building activities for teens, it is common to encounter reluctance and rebelliousness when it comes to completing a task. By framing a group game as a competition or challenge, you ignite their competitive spirit. Ensure that the goal is difficult but attainable; having a goal that seems impossible to reach can demotivate your group of teens and lead to a lack of active participation.

The role of the facilitator/trainer is key when it comes to team building games for teens. It is crucial to create an environment of support and trust so that your group of teenagers do not fear failure. Give them the encouragement and space to explore and experiment during the activity, and provide a guiding hand when necessary. You may also need a higher ratio of facilitators/trainers to participants to ensure that the activity goes smoothly. If you are conducting a competitive team building activity, be sure to clearly communicate the rules, boundaries and safety considerations of the activity. Be vigilant during the game and watch out for the safety of the participants. Some may cheat or try to push the boundaries of the activity in order to win so be willing to penalize rule-breaking or disqualify cheating participants from the game.
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