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Planning an event & community festivals

Fairs, festivals, and special events are staged for many reasons. Besides being informative and enjoyable, they provide a number of important benefits of special events & community festivals to the community.

 Here are a few popular reasons to consider when planning or justifying a festival:
  1. Events encourage a sense of community pride and cohesiveness. It's not often that everyone in town gets invited to the same party. Fairs and festivals provide a rare occasion for the whole community to relax and have fun.
  2. Events may have certain educational values. For instance, important historical events can be taken out of the classroom and brought to life through skits, costume contests, reenactments, and other commemorative events.
  3. Events are ideal occasions for artists and crafts people to demonstrate and exhibit their skills.
  4. Events provide a showcase for new ideas in music, art, drama, and sports.
  5. Events focus on the broad spectrum of the state's culture.
  6. Events stimulate travel to a community and the surrounding region. This encourages the community to grow and prosper by attracting dollars in the form of tourism, and in some cases, new industry.
  7. Events can also be used to celebrate a holiday, season, or a historical event.
  8. To raise money.

The key to the success of an event is that goals and objectives must be identified and defined. An undefined or vague purpose is a near guarantee of festival failure. "To celebrate the town and its people" is most often quoted as the purpose of an unsuccessful event. While this is permissible as an umbrella goal, event organizers need to clarify more specifically the measurable objective(s) of the event.
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