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Activities To Build Employee Engagement

Activities To Build Employee Engagement

Encouraging and nurturing employee engagement is not always easy. With more and more employees working remotely and the fact that there’s no longer a need to physically go and speak to a colleague, team work and company wide interaction is becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Here are 5 ideas that can improve employee engagement, as well as injecting a little fun into the office environment.
Play doh skills
Each week a group of different employees are given some play doh. Their challenge is to be creative and mold the best sculpture. This can either be based on a theme or left to their imagination. At the end of the week the sculptures are judged by the other employees and a prize is given to the winning staff member. During the construction phase the employees can discuss and take advice on what they should or have created, and use this advice to improve their design. Unless the employees are extremely skillful in their molding abilities then this exercise should lead to a lot of fun and discussion around the office.

White lie
A goup of employees (or all employees depending upon the size of your company) write down three things about themselves. Two of the statements are true and one is false, it’s up to the other employees to guess which one is the ‘white lie’. This is a great way of getting your workforce interacting and learning a bit more about each other. The true statements will invariably start conversations and the false ones cause some laughs. Song title roulette Each week employees are asked to think of song titles that match a theme. These can be published on the company intranet, a company Facebook page or even on a company bulletin board. The theme can be totally random or be associated with the company and what it does.

Plant seed race

Buy seeds for a particular plant, preferably one which either flowers or bears fruit. Sow them all in exactly the same way and at the same time, and then distribute them to the employees. The first employee to successfully rear a plant which bears fruit first wins a prize. The great thing about this is that the plants can either be distributed to individuals, to teams of a couple of employees or to different departments. It is then up to those groups to work together and share the responsibility of raising their plant.

After work sports
Arranging regular sporting activities for those employees that would like to take part is a tried and proven way to build team spirit and engagement. A staff vs management game, or even challenging your clients to a sporting match is a great way to encourage your employees to work together, as well as the discussions and banter leading up to and following the matches. This is also an effective strategy to build client engagement.
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