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Ham Rong Mountain Legend

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Teambuilding Code: TB - Sapa
Departure: Hanoi
Place: Sapa
The special legend of Sapa which is an unique land in the North of Vietnam. Following the legend there are two brothers in the Dragon clan going outside near by the mountain of this area thousand years ago. Following the call of his father, there was only one person go back home, another person couldn’t back home because of the losing information from his father. In the evening, the younger brother didn’t back home because of emerging a nape, the Heaven Gate was closed. Therefore, younger brother dragon had to stay on earth and rock into the first position which always looked up to the sky. To wake the dragon returned to heaven, it requires the convergence of the three treasures: The holster, the magic candles and the beautiful & unique petals. When combining the three treasures , it seems to have the key of the mountain to discover the secret. Accidentally in a study, an archaeologist has learned the secret. And a journey has been opened with the explorers.
 Some challenges of Amazing Race event in Ham Rong Mountain Legend such as:
Challenge 1: Mystery leather carpet
Challenge 2: The magic candles
Challenge 3: The beautiful petals
Challenge 4: The mantra of forest
Challenge 5: Awaking the dragon  
The Phoenix decision
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Departure: Hanoi
Place: Sapa
Teambuilding - Truyền thuyết Hàm Rồng
Duration: 3 ngày 4 đêm
Departure: Hà Nội
Place: Sa Pa
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